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Terms and Condition

1. Customer agrees:
  • a. To provide Minotaur Partners Inc. with a copy of all correspondences received from credit reporting agencies or creditors relating to credit report entries which are the subject to matter of this subscription by virtue of the credit report entries challenged by Minotaur Partners Inc. for verification of accuracy. If you do not receive any correspondence within 60 days, please notify us immediately.
  • b. Not to contact credit reporting agencies (Experian, Equifax and Trans Union) for any reason. Not to apply for any type of credit, i.e., credit card car loans, or secured financing, during the period of this agreement without 7 day prior written notification to Minotaur Partners Inc., 2332 Galiano Street, Miami, FL 33134 and an opportunity on the part of Minotaur Partners Inc. to consult with Customer with regard thereto.
  • c. To provide to Minotaur Partners Inc., within 14-days of receipt thereof, all correspondence received from credit reporting agencies by Customer.
  • d. Customer understands that the results obtained by Minotaur Partners Inc. on behalf of Customer are dependent on numerous factors, including but not limited to Customer’s ability to repay debts and loans, cooperation of Customer's creditors, and credit reporting agencies ability to verify information provided to them by Minotaur Partners Inc. on behalf of Customer.
  • e. Customer understands that accurate information may not be removed unless it is listed beyond a lawful time period.

2. Minotaur Partners Inc. agrees:
  • a. To evaluate Customer's current credit reports as listed with applicable credit reporting agencies and to identify inaccurate, erroneous or obsolete information. To advise Customer as to the necessary steps to be taken on the part of Customer in conjunction with Minotaur Partners Inc. to dispute any inaccurate, erroneous, or obsolete information contained in the customer's credit reports.
  • b. To prepare all necessary correspondence in dispute of inaccurate, erroneous, or obsolete information in customer's credit reports.
  • c. Credit profile status, consulting, coaching and monitoring services are primarily conducted by phone during normal business hours (9:00:00 AM - 5:00:00 PM EST)

MINOTAUR PARTNERS INC. LIMITED POWER OF ATTORNEY Be it known that I, the undersigned, am the individual listed below and as such do hereby grant a Limited Power of Attorney to Minotaur Partners Inc.. Minotaur Partners Inc., and any and all persons in their employment, shall have the necessary power and authority to undertake and perform the following on my behalf. I hereby give permission to Minotaur Partners Inc. to sign my name on all letters written on my behalf and or as agent for the only purpose of communicating with credit reporting agencies or creditors and to challenge and verify account information held by consumer credit reporting agencies or creditors.

CUSTOMER METHOD OF CANCELLATION You may cancel this transaction, without any penalty or obligation; within three (3) days from the date this contract is received by Minotaur Partners Inc. home office. To cancel this transaction, mail, or deliver a signed letter stating to cancel any further actions on your account to: Minotaur Partners Inc., 2332 Galiano Street, Miami, FL 33134

If you cancel during the allotted timeframe, any property traded in, any payments made by you under the contract or sale, and any negotiable instrument executed by you will be returned within 21 business days following receipt of your cancellation notice. Any security interest arising out of the transaction will be cancelled.

I have read and understand all of the above listed items

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